Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korea Nuclear Tests, Defiance or Compliance?

It’s unfortunate that arms race is still the sport of many countries. The history of wars and their consequence seems to be just for entertainment – like watching a film of Rambo. War has become the fashion even in video games. But taking fun in using sophisticated weapons in video games where brilliant attack and defence tactics make one score points isn’t the same as involving real soldiers or deadly weapons, especially nuclear weapons.

North Korea is trying to emulate powerful countries like USA in armament. But its strategy is doomed to failure as it doesn’t have the economic structure to sustain a military industry- producing costly nuclear weapons without jeopardizing the welfare of the NK people.

Internally, the NK leaders can subjugate their people through their police state system and making of their leader a sacred personality through personality cult. But they can’t intimidate the international community. They can have their arms. But the world order won’t go their way. There are too many intertwined interests among powerful nations to allow them to offset the current order. The entire world will be watching to curb NK influence, not to foster it.

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