Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Migration, Causes and Consequences

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Migration is the consequence of the economic and political problems facing the countries where migrant come from. There are many people who are forced to migrate because of drought, civil war or political repression. There are many displaced people in Africa for whom leaving their country is the only way-out. Africa, in particular, is in the news because the would-be migrants take huge risks, including death, to reach European shores.

These migrants are starting to cause political embarrassment for their countries, the recipient countries and the countries they take as a transit. There is mainly great pressure on European countries, mainly, Spain and Italy which are the nearest to Europe.

The great loss that developing nations face is brain drain. There are many people from the third world with good qualifications. Their countries don’t give them incentives or find them jobs. Developed countries remain their destinations.

But rich countries and the governments of the countries where the migrants come from bear responsibility for this. G8 in particular failed many times to concretise its goal to make poverty a history. The governments of the migrants are inefficient in dealing with economic and social problems. The international community should work together to regulate migration, which is becoming a source of pressure on all sides, breeding just networks for which people smuggling is a lucrative industry.

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