Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope Apology

The Pope was wise to quickly apologise about his “misunderstood” remark on Islam by a 14th Century emperor before the rift between the Vatican and the Muslim world get out of control. Now it's up to religious leaders on both side to quickly diffuse any remnant tensions. Both religions are meant for forgiveness as to err is human. Any further violent reaction to his "misunderstood" remark will just do damage to Muslims, showing them unable to forgive even after apology or repentance made public worldwide.

This incident can be an opportunity for the Vatican and the Muslim world to extend the hand of friendship and to bury the swords they were pointing at one another before and after the arrival of the Byzantine emperor whose remarks on Islam were mistakenly resurrected by the Pope. If the Pope meant no harm, what he said was a deep wound that opened in the heart of Muslims’ pride in their religion, at a time when moderate Muslims want to show the world that they are peace loving and to free themselves from the stereotypes many ignorantly have about them.

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