Sunday, October 29, 2006

DR Congo Presidential Election: A New Hope for Political stability?

Successful presidential election with no fraud accusations and general acceptance of the results can bring political stability to this country that is torn apart by civil war and corruption. A country of such a magnitude, when stable, can bring huge investment thanks to its natural resources. But DR Congo people will benefit from it if the elected president succeeds in tackling issues like corruption and bringing national reconciliation for durable peace.

Dr Congo will also be a success story if investing companies don't consider its mines a milking cow without consideration for the local people who should taste the fruit of their country. In view of its size, it should also enjoy friendly relations with its multiple country neighbours whose borders should be for mutual co operations and not a door for armed groups to hit and run.

Political stability can become a true reality when, among other things, displaced people running from war finally find a stable homeland where they can enjoy have a normal life, instead of continuing to live under the constant fear of attacks from armed groups loyal to one faction or the other.

The presidential election in DR Congo is just the first step of the miles this country has to run to find its place among stable and prosperous countries. It is just a day event. But what matters is what comes next without disappointing the Congolese people and the international community that stood behind them for a cease-fire and for organising historic presidential elections whose final result is awaited with excitement and for assessment.

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