Monday, October 23, 2006

Expulsion of UN envoy in Sudan

The expulsion of Mr Pronk by the Sudanese government has no basis as he was exercising his right of free speech in his blog, which isn't an official document. Mr Pronk's personal opinions in his blog on the situation in Darfur shouldn't be used as a pretext to delay negotiations over a permanent solution in this region where any further delay means the continuation of the suffering of its entire population, part of which is still displaced. Another is living in very difficult conditions, whose survival depends on international help rather on the Sudanese Gt which sends just troops to fight armed organisations opposed to its policies in Darfur region.

The Sudanese Gt is using this as a pretext as it doesn't agree with the UN on the way the Darfur situation should be resolved. As it refuses UN peace keeping forces there, it is apparent that in essence it doesn't want any form of UN presence in Darfur or Sudan for this particular problem including that of Mr Pronk, its representative.

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