Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mark Foley or Political Follies.

Many public figures make fools of themselves by engaging in illicit acts they can't deny. Mark Foley drew trouble on him by chatting erotically with a 16 years old boy. Chatting dirtily on the net or appearing as a child predator is signing irrefutable admission which can be easily and justly exploited by political opponents. Some Politicians do a disgrace to themselves, their party and to the political establishment as a whole by behaving in a low way.

It's bad to see many politicians in the USA engaged in illicit sexual activities. Clinton's adventures with Monica Lewinsky are still fresh in mind. In the 1980's Garry Hart had to withdraw from contest for presidential primaries because of his extramarital affairs. A senator was involved with a young woman whose body was found after exhaustive research. And the list is long. But a politician being accused of paedophilia is the worst of them all.

If scandals continue on such a scale, the voters will lose confidence in their politicians. This is evident in the low turn-out in elections, especially presidential ones which rarely exceeds 50% of the registered voters. The USA needs to refurbish its morality within the political class before preaching to the public the American values as initiated by the Founding fathers.

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