Monday, November 27, 2006

Jordan's King Warns of Civil Wars

Jordan's King Abdullah has warned that three civil wars could break out in the Middle East unless the international community takes urgent action.

Lebanon, Palestinian Territories and Iraq have reached the climax of violence recently. All have been the scenes of open political differences among key leaders when blood is split among those supposed to have national affinities. They have got all the ingredients to fall in a civil war as they have reached the climax of violence recently. In each of these prominent politicians have sharp differences about government style and foreign alliances.

In Iraq there is sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni. In Palestinian territories there are violent clashes between mainly Fatah and Hamas armed groups, putting in jeopardy peaceful living among Palestinians themselves. Lebanon has become notorious for political killing; the latest is the death of industry minister Pierre Gemayel.

But as the USA is still holding the strings of politics in the region, it has the power to influence the events. It has the power to influence the events by opening channels of shuttle diplomacy with countries like Syria and Iran, one the most influential players in the region. The political time-bomb is around the corner in all three areas. Calm diplomacy is needed to diffuse it the soonest before nightmare becomes a reality.

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