Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ted Haggard Alleged Sex Scandal

The church has got its share of sexual scandals among religious figures supposed to set an example for the people they preach; especially in the Catholic Church where priests are to abstain from sex the rest of their life. There were scandalous cases of paedophilia.

What has emerged as significant is that the church is no longer an ivory tower where immorality is kept as a secret not to shock the believers. There are instances of priests that were jailed for sexual offences. The BBC in its programme Panorama has recently presented revealing facts about sexual misconducts carried by prominent priests, especially in the USA.

Ted Haggard should have kept his post to fight for his honour if he has nothing to do with gay sex. But as we say there are no smokes without fire. The incidence can be in favour of gay activists to show the double standards of a presumably anti-gay marriage evangelist. Whether the allegation is fabricated for political end, it may stir debates about the sexual conduct of others which is still in the dark. Morality and responsibility are what makes the essence of leadership. Evangelical Ted Haggard will have to prove that he has always conducted himself to the spirit of his responsibility and that his accuser lacks moral sense if he wants to redeem himself among his followers before his resignation at least to keep his self-esteem and not to go down the path of the doomed who rise to only fall despicably.

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