Wednesday, December 20, 2006

President Bush Call for Military Increase in Iraq

President Bush has called for an increase in US troops in Iraq as he has admitted that , "We aren't winning". But sending more troops to Iraq is unlikely to change the situation. More troops will be matched by more suicide attacks and sectarian killings. The US troops can't patrol Iraq inch by inch to spot arms depots and would-be suicide bombers. There are armed groups who have the means and the charisma to have faithful and secretive members. These will have where to hide and how to emerge. AS they can melt and come out from the population, they will remain elusive and unpredictable.

Iraq doesn't need more troops, it needs more national trust for the Iraqis to live in peace as countrymen belonging to a country patriotically. Continued sectarian loyalty coupled with suspicion of the other side will make Iraq continue plunging into the abyss of violence.

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