Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gadgets, a Luxury or a Necessity?

Gadgets are still available only to a few people around the world. Many don't have access to the new technology because of their low income. Computers are still a luxury. In many schools chalk and blackboard are still used as the principle tools for teaching while other schools have multimedia facilities.

New technology is likely to deepen the divide between the rich and the poor as good quality technology is still the monopoly of rich nations and rich people who can easily afford it.

It will take decades before modern technology gadgets become accessible to everyone. These gadgets are still a luxury in poor countries. These countries don’t have electricity all over to make it possible for everyone to use these gadgets.

Gadgets can be frustrating. The newly acquired gadgets become quickly outdated due to constant innovations. The questions is if these gadgets are intended to make life easier or just urge people to be mere consumers, dissatisfied with what they’ve already got.

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