Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bush-Chavez tours in Latin America and ideological rhetoric

The concurrent tours of President Bush and President Chavez in Latin America must raise the dilemma of which ideological path to follow: capitalism or socialism. The peoples in the region shouldn’t be merely carried by rhetoric as demonstrated by Pt Chavez who has become a magnet for the crowds in the region. They should follow what provides them with freedom and prosperity. The tour shouldn’t be seen as a concentrations on personalities rather than on facts speaking loud. Chavez’s style of rule can return Latin America to dictatorship.

Latin America needs effective leadership. Rhetoric makes things look easier said than done. Fervent socialists failed to bring the promised prosperity and democracy in Latin America. Castro ended having just words for his people without enough bread for their mouth. New socialist leaders are still struggling at home, giving bad impression of what socialism can do to alleviate acute poverty.

Latin America should opt for capitalism. Chavez is giving a bad example of what socialism can bring to Latin America. He is ruling by decree, which is a disguised form of dictatorship. His socialist policy failed to alleviate poverty in Venezuela despite high oil revenues.
What Latin America needs is a patriotic capitalism that ensures personal freedom and open opportunities. Latin America needs transparency at all levels to allow personal initiative be the motor for prosperous democracy. Leaving all initiatives to the state will just discourage investment badly needed.

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