Wednesday, March 07, 2007

German incestuous brother and sister. Should such incest be allowed?

In Germany incestuous brother and sister are being tried for their act from which they had four children. Should this kind of incest be allowed?

Incest should continue to be considered as a taboo. In civilised societies, it isn’t considered as legal for a brother and sister to indulge in sex. Children are the pillars of a family. If incest is allowed within it, this will destroy the family fabric which should, above all, be based on morality. Parents, in many societies don’t have a say about which partner their children, having reached the age of consent, should have. But once they see their children forming incestuous couples this can be devastating for them.

Society itself can be affected, as we will have new types of children emanating from incestuous relations. They will feel victims as society will consider them as outsiders or born of weird parents who have no respect for social norms.

Let’s also consider the health issue. In UK Pakistani community, there are many deformities among the children because their parents are closely related. So in addition to the moral objection to this kind of incest, there is the health issue.

There are limits to what sexual relations one should have. In many countries, free sex is still punishable, let alone incest.

In some Arab tribes in the Middle East, a male has the right to marry his female cousin before anyone else. This can be accepted as this isn’t considered as incest. But if incest between brother and sister is decriminalised, we may, one day, hear a brother opposing the marriage of his sister to someone else because he considers himself as having a priority.

There is no legal rules about the amount of love a brother and sister should have for one another. But it shouldn’t turn into romantic, involving sexual intercourse. This is shocking to common sense. People are raised to follow the rules of love. Among this incest is prohibited. It should remain so, especially the one from which children are born from a brother and sister. It is the top of immorality. Only animals have no limit about what sexual relationship they should have.

Brothers and sisters can love one another. There is no crime in having deep love for one another. As they say, blood is thicker than water. But this love should not be transformed into romance. It had better be kept as platonic at the maximum.

You can listen to my contribution on BBC WHYS which was presented on Wednesday, March 7th, 2007.

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BillDunc said...

I agree entirely with your view. I was surprised to read on the BBC website that France has apparently already decriminalised brother sister incest! Ugh.