Monday, April 16, 2007

How strong is the opposition rally in Russia?

Hundreds of anti-Kremlin demonstrators have held a rally in St Petersburg, a day after a protest in Moscow ended in scuffles and arrests. The question to ask if the opposition rallies will have tangible effect in this freshly liberal country. It will take time for Russia to become a full-fledged democracy as the spectre of communist mentality still exists. The Kremlin still needs an iron fist to control everything in Russia. The opposition, despite all this, can be easily cornered as Vladimir is still very popular despite cases of human right abuses. The Russians need just to have a good share of their country's current economic boom. They aren't seeking a change of president. This will make the opposition look weak in the face of such an attitude.

Opposition in Russia doesn't have enough teeth to rally nationwide public protest against the current government despite the social ills like corruption and a rise in crime. Russia is witnessing a soaring economic status never enjoyed since the fall of communism. The opposition can be an embarrassment only if it shows Putin to be undemocratic by stifling any kind of legitimate public protest.

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