Friday, April 27, 2007

Should Pope Benedict revive the Latin Mass?

Pope Benedict's plans to revive the Latin Mass will just trigger clashes between Jews and Catholics. The Vatican is historically involved in actions against Jews, the most remembered in modern history is the relations between the Vatican and Hitler concerning the repression of Jews.

The Catholic Church should be concerned just with its followers and those volunteering to join it. Praying for Jews "they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ." amounts to an open campaign to convert them. Some Muslim groups are criticized for teaching exerts of the Koran unfavourable to Jews. the same criticism should be directed to the Vatican showing the Jews as irreligious and needing direction through conversion to Christianity.

The Vatican is criticised on many issues which portray it as lagging behind modern thinking and attitudes. It shouldn't seek to fuel tension between faiths by showing them as unrecognisable by God.

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miss kelly said...

Sorry, Abdelilah, you're mistaken on a few accounts. Pope Pius XII, while he did not denounce the Nazis, in fact helped save hundreds of thousands of Jews (possibly 800,000, by some estimates). More than any other secular or religious institution, in fact. Check out the book The Myth of Hitler's Pope, by Rabbi David Dalin.

Catholics no longer try to evangelize Jews. We pray for Jews, but not that they convert to Christianity. It is no longer theologically acceptable, officially since 1971.