Thursday, July 19, 2007

Diplomatic expulsion between UK and Russia

Russia and UK have a history of mutual diplomat expulsions from the Soviet era. In the 80s, there as an incident in which some staff members were expelled, including a baby although the baby wasn’t involved in spying.

Britain is also known to be tough as with Libya when it cut its diplomatic ties over the killing of a UK policewoman from the Libyan embassy.

Diplomatic expulsion is an indication of worsening relations. What can be worrying is how Russia and UK will sort it out knowing that both are members of G8 and permanent members of the UN Security Council. With this crisis hovering over their relations, this means other levels of cooperation will be put to a minimum. This can be bad news for those seeking to put Russia in full swing with the West.

Russia is now at odds with the US over US missile defence system in Poland and the like Adding this crisis with the UK, it can be argued that the Cold War is looming in a different form unless the three countries use their substantial weight to diffuse their tensions as soon as possible

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