Friday, March 21, 2008

Is the world safer?

Has the world become safer?

The war on terrorism seems to have benefited just security companies. This means the world is no longer as safe as it used to be without extra security measures . CCTV cameras are commonplace in many places in the world. UK has the record number per capita, exceeding 4,300,000- which means a camera for every 15 citizens.

In Morocco, there are around 40,000 private security guards recruited following terrorist incidents in Casablanca and the terrorist threats in other major cities, not to mention the rise in crimes.. CCTV cameras are getting installed in major areas. The war on terrorism has made security spending go even higher even in countries where it was normal to walk past key buildings without being spotted by cameras or checked by a guard. The world doesn’t seem safer but forced to keep safe by whatever means. Iraqis have the misfortune of having terrorism concretised through frequent violence. The rest of the world; especially, in countries closely allied to the West, there is the constant scare and alert of might happen.

The world is no longer safe. it is struggling to get safe. It is growing dangerous as the fear of what might happen is another form of being psychologically terrorised.

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