Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Glamorizing extreme thinness

Having the right weight has become an obsession for many young women to the point that having it means having it to the most minimum level. There have been many victims of thinness among models themselves. Spain and Italy are one of the first countries to make it illegal to employ super-thin models.

There are many dangers associated with starving one’s body to get extremely thin. This means depriving the body of the necessary minerals and vitamins. This can affect the firmness of bones after the menopause.

There are even few men who can accept to live with a skinny woman as a healthily fleshy woman has more appeal than a skinny one.

In some countries, as in Mauritania, the norm is that a woman should be extremely fat to have more appeal. But this isn’t without a price on her health. In this country, girls, after puberty, are made fat through the traditional force-feeding of young girls.

Perhaps the golden rule is that women should learn to live with their bodies as long as they don’t have health threatening excess in weight. Seeking to lose too many pounds for the sake of looking fashionable is only a cosmetic effort. Women should develop self-esteem through healthy diet and physical exercises. Starving to get thin is killing all body strength. As such, women can look “beautiful” but without enough substance to make a doctor certify that they’re actually healthy and they won’t have any health complications sooner or later.


Hisham said...

Sorry to insist Abdelilah, but have you read the article on the BBC? What are your thoughts about it?

Abdelilah Boukili said...

Sure Hisham, I read it and I posted my answer on the article in my blog entitled: African leadership and democracy on this link:

Hisham said...

I'm happy to see that you're a wise listener of that organization with which I have to admit, my last illusions have evaporated. But I take your word of wisdom on that: "Just keep the entertaining side ot it [and be careful throughout the rest]."
Have a nice evening.