Thursday, August 28, 2008

Should Russia be isolated?

It will be difficult for the West to isolate Russia considering its emerging economic and military influence. Its recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states is a response to NATO expansion in its neighbouring states and to thwart Georgia’s attempt to become a new military base for NATO.

The West should contend with the fact that Russia is back on its feet after the end of the communism which left it look powerless in face of the US foreign policy in Europe by heading the NATO military intervention in ex-Yugoslavia and by invading Iraq.

Russia still has other cards to play against the West by standing by Iran and thwarting any further Security Council sanctions against it. It may also enhance its nuclear cooperation with it to reduce US influence in the Middle East.

The West should recognize Russia as a power. It’s not like other small states that can be easily crushed just through economic embargoes, leaving them to fight for their lives. Russia is a bear. Once out of its hibernation, it won’t hesitate to show its paws to those coming in its way.

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twitch said...

I think Georgia has been taught a lesson from Russia. Georgia started it and Russia finished it. Mr President of Georgia, don't blame Russia for your mistake, and stop sucking up to the rest of the world for support. You are making a fool of yourself!!