Sunday, February 01, 2009

Are octuplets a blessing or a burden?

A US woman has given birth to eight babies , becoming just the second person recorded in the US to have delivered a set of living octuplets.


There was the case of a Russian mother who gave birth to 69 children in the span of 40 years from 1725 to 1765.

Having so many babies at the same time can be a blessing if the parents have the means and the time to support them. It can be fantastic to have a big family all of a sudden. But the effort and the cost of raising a child in today’s world isn’t so easy.

For many parents, the beauty of having many children is that they come one by one. At least parents enjoy having babies over a period of time.

For woman who is past 40 and has never had children before, it must be a good thing for her to have a triplet or a quadruplet as she will have secured having more than one child before the menopause. For a young mother, it must be difficult as she will have to care for more than one baby at a time, which can be burden on her physical health, mainly when it comes to sleep deprivation during the first years of the new born babies.


Looney said...

The BBC report didn't have too much detail compared to what we have been seeing. I am a bit curious about the views over there regarding someone who has never been married having 14 children through artificial means. She lives with her parents, but the raising of these children will be paid for by the US taxpayer.

Abdelilah Boukili said...

Hi Looney,
In Morocco, it is still unacceptable for a woman to have children outside marriage.

Parents receive money for their children only if they work in the public sector. Apart from that they have to fend for themselves.