Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning after pills for 11 year olds sound like a good idea?

These schools in the UK will allow girls of 11 and upwards to request the morning after pill by sending a text to a nurse.

Why shouldn’t be an inquiry to know who girls as old as 11 have sex with? Encouraging very young girls to have sex by allowing them to have the morning pills is a straight encouragement to paedophilia.

It can be acceptable for girls as old as 11 to use cosmetics and wear fashionable clothes- although this can be seen by some as preparing them for sex predators- but turning a blind eye to their use of morning pills without bothering to offer them advice about the risks of fully engaging in sex at such an early age shows the irresponsibility of parents and society as a whole.
It’s funny that girls can’t legally buy cigarettes and alcohol, but they can get hold of morning pills. If this continues, this means one day we may hear of an eleven-year old girl legally married to an adult!

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