Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sport and Terrorism

The decision to shift the IPL away from India for security reasons should be seen as a victory for the terrorists, which will give them as much publicity as when they would succeed in mounting a terrorist attack. Their aim is to instil fear on all levels.

On the other side, it shows that India is still a target of terrorist attacks from within and outside, especially from Pakistan. The terrorists there have two principal aims: to destabilize the Pakistani government and to cause it to have sour relationships with India. It’s not in their interest that Pakistan should be a stable country with excellent relations with India, as this means they can be easily defeated.

On the whole, it’s better to have India concentrate on its elections, which concern the whole country, than to couple them with a sporting event that can make the majority of Indians have their hands on their hearts in fear for a possible terrorist nightmare.

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