Tuesday, October 17, 2006

US Population is 300 Million

USA multiracial population having reached 300 million will be more beneficial for it as an economic superpower. One advantage is that it isn't under the threat of an ageing population contrary to some countries like Japan which are struggling to keep their population under reasonable increase.

This increase can have repercussion on racial balance in the country. The white Anglo-Saxons or Americans of European origins will no longer constitute the majority of the US population as there are more children from new immigrants especially the Hispanic.

The USA is the third largest country in terms of surface as it has the economic infrastructure to sustain its increasing population. The US baby boomers celebrating their sixtieth birthday will leave a new booming generation which needs to keep holding the torch of progress initiated by the first hardworking immigrants who helped the USA to be as dynamic and progressive as it is now.

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