Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Will Iran & Syria help appease Iraq?

Iran and Syria will take advantage of the situation in Iraq for their own account. they will be reluctant to cooperate with the Iraqi government, which they see as implemented by the US, to help it put an end to violent trouble in Iraq.

As long as the insurgent constitute more threats to Iraqi government and to US interests, they won't risk jeopardizing their image in the Arab and Muslim world to cooperate especially in terms of military and security matters with the US and Iraq. For Iran and Syria the situation in Iraq is the doing of the US, which since its invasion of Iraq has worsened its relations with them. It has brought both to the UN Security Council for any possible forcible sanctions.

The US will need to replace its stick policy with them by offering them the carrot they can find appetizing to switch to the US side in its fight of violence in Iraq whose instigators can easily find refuge in these countries without risk of being handed out to the Iraqi authorities or the US military.

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