Friday, November 14, 2008

Children faced with parental and social irresponsibility

Children have the right to live in a sound environment as childhood affects adult life. Parent who can’t rear and protect their children should have them removed from them. A child needn’t live under constant torture in his or tender years. Sadist parents shouldn’t be allowed to mistreat their children by considering them as their own property and it’s nobody’s business to interfere with them.

A child’s place is in a family, not in an orphanage or a care centre. This means children shouldn’t be taken from their own parents only to be in a place where they feel uncomfortable and yearning to be like the majority of children surrounded by real kin. In other words, they shouldn’t be not in an artificial atmosphere to make the feel at home, but actually, it isn’t a real home.

In many societies, children are abused by their parents by being frequently slapped or even beaten up by them. In these societies, there are no social workers to protect them.

In third world countries where the poverty of parents is coupled with the state incapacity to protect children in a difficult situation, it becomes common to see children exposed to all sorts of abuse at home and outside home because there are no means to snatch them from the situation in which they are.

In Morocco, there are care centres for abandoned children. However, they are just token centres as they have the capacity for only a very small number of children in a difficult situation.

In view of the lack of the means to protect these children, the authorities turn a blind eye, especially to parents who use their children and even babies for begging.

There are parents who give up their young daughters as old as five to work as maids and they are denied even access to school.

If children can’t have the chance to have a normal life, they should live with a relative willing to accommodate them and why not be given for adoption by families starving to have a child. Leaving children at the mercy of family and social problems means preparing them to be violent or diffident people. Their past childhood will continue to haunt them even when adults they seem normal and stable.

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