Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it right to carry out death penalty?

The death penalty should apply just when the crime is murder on intent and not in self-defence. The death penalty is hard and unacceptable when the crime is, for example, drug trafficking or theft. Countries like China and Iran apply the death penalty in cases when the offenders need just imprisonment and rehabilitation.

Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen are some of the countries whose laws allow the execution of even minors. There was the case of a girl who was executed for “lack of chastity”. Now there is a call for the end of child execution .

What is unacceptable is the swift execution of the accused when it emerges that the evidences were wrong and the supposed culprit was just a victim of the miscarriage of justice.

Those who can benefit from capital punishment are:

a) those who don’t want to spend their whole life in prison. So they prefer death as it was the case in Italy where hundreds of prisoners serving life sentences in Italy called on President Giorgio Napolitano to bring back the death penalty.

b) The relatives and friends of the victims who seek revenge and tough justice.

c) the state economy as it will be spared the expenses to keep the offenders alive till their natural death.

It’s up to society to decide the ethics of whether or not to execute offenders while considering the merits of execution case by case.

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